It’s Time To Stand Out From The Crowd

Our Story

Origin of URUSHIE come from a very sought-after medium where the Japanese used its for decorating high quality artworks. URUSHIE means “lacquer pictures”. Its goes back to the eighth century, particularly among the Royal families and the nobles in Europe as collectibles. Thus URUSHIE literally means “crème de la crème” which means “the BEST of the BEST”.

URUSHIE dedicate to give individual or corporation a unique ways to create closeness in seconds. First impression. Experiencing “the WOW ! factors with our compelling short video experiences, giving one the desire to find out more.

About Us

We are a digital video animation company dedicated towards helping you increase your customers and profits through powerful and affordable high quality animated commercials.

40% of our sale will go to the following missions. 

Christian Outreach to the Handicapped

Kingdom Missions Church (KMC)



GREAT WORKS ! Would highly recommend! (And I really looooooved how great the communication and response time was with my questions, etc. before ordering pretty refreshing!)

PunjabFurniture. SURINDER

In the beginning we thought we would have a simple amatuer video editing. But we have got a Professional video instead! My compliments and we will work 100% in the future again with these guys !


"Outstanding service! Quick response and also provided ideas that greatly improved my video. I'll be using them over and over again!" Recommended these guys if you are planning to have a video.